DINKS Family

Direct from Manufacturers/Suppliers


We like to think of ourselves as a little different from the normal online shopping experience. Our mission is that you, our customers will always directly influence the DINKS brand and we want you to contribute towards the direction of our store. For this reason, we have created DINKS Family.

DINKS Family is designed to put our customers in a position where they can control the products we stock. It is a special club that enables early access to products, provides direct feedback to our buying department, regular discounts, rewards and gifts. Our DINKS Family customers become an invaluable part of our business.

What does this mean? DINKS Family customers enter our early access programme which means some of the products you choose to order are shipped directly from our carefully chosen manufacturers/supplier from across the globe.

This process enables us to reduce the RRP on selected Dinks Family products, you will receive free postage and packaging on all Dinks Family products and will always receive an absolute quibble free returns policy. You will also be invited to provide feedback on the Dinks Family products you have ordered.

We do this so you, our customers remain at the forefront of our thinking and inventory choices. Our clever system monitors DINKS Family orders and once a DINKS Family product hits certain criterion we will then hold stock for that specific product in inventory.

The Dinks Family purchase behaviour and feedback become the most important ingredients within the DINKS brand journey. To us, this is exactly how retail should be, centred around the customer, their requirements and their feedback.

To become a member of the Dinks Family, simply purchase a Dinks Family product and you will automatically be subscribed.

Dinks Family products can take up to six weeks to deliver.  For this reason, we do not charge delivery on Dinks Family products.

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