After becoming a mother, I quickly realised the need for a more efficient way to source safe but fun and vibrant places for my child to eat, sleep, and play. I set off on a mission to build DINKS with the hope of providing contemporary, but unashamedly simple products to create wonderfully enjoyable growing and living spaces for all babies and children.

From toys and nursery decorations to tableware, we create and source beautifully crafted products with a natural and contemporary tone from around the world. Our innovative designs and responsibly sourced products create a wonderful growing environment with a direct connection to the natural world.

Because they are only little once, we cherish the magical message contained in every one of our products and hope to create memories to treasure for you and your little bundle of joy.  

The DINKS Mission

We believe that all children should have a safe, vibrant, and enjoyable place to eat, sleep, and play. For this reason, DINKS pledges 5% of its operating profit to charities in the UK that focus on baby and child welfare.

We also care about the environment and are 100% committed to reducing our impact on it. We promise to continually strive to deliver environmentally focused products and packaging.